Oh, Baby!  Newborn Care

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Just as every baby is different, so are the needs of parents.   You will find newborn care information in our blog too

 Oh, Baby! offers two options for newborn care:

 Traditional Newborn Care

Flexible Newborn Care

Traditional Newborn Care goes the extra mile in providing a learning experience for parents and includes a few extra perks not normally associated with newborn care. With most newborn care services you must commit to a 24 hour care 7 days a week care schedule.  While this is important in the first 10 days, many parents want some time alone with their newborn. After the first ten days, I allow parents to choose traditional 7 day a week care or the option of choosing Monday thru Friday care.  I will take the weekend off to give you some time alone as a couple with your baby.  Since I do not charge for the period I am not working, it may allow you a longer length of service.  My goal is to work with parents and educate them on newborn care.  I see us as partners so that when I leave, you are confident hands on parents.  If you are interested in this type of service, we can discuss how it works in our communications.

Flexible Newborn Care starts out with the first ten days as 24 hour care.  I realize some parents, especially those with other children, only need night coverage after that initial settling in period.  I allow my parents to switch over to a 10 hour night shift after the first ten days.  This is also useful for parents who want a 4 week commitment but only need night coverage for the last 2-3 weeks.

My  service continues even after I leave through emails when you have questions or just need a virtual hug!  I am hoping to see some of you on my blog as I strive to answer questions and provide insight into the newborn experience.

Oh, Baby! A Different Kind of Newborn Care.

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